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Jacqueline Cucuiat began her design journey while in college where she gained skills in color theory and design concepts. Shortly afterward she won an internship with a renowned Interior Designer and honed the skills needed to be successful in the interior design industry. The experience gained from this position transitioned into owning her own home decor store. There, in addition to retail sales, she provided design services directly to customers.

Currently, she works directly with realtors, management companies, homeowners and investors to transform these spaces into modern, stylish retreats. Her services include staging for resale, decorating for rentals or clients and full service renovations when needed.

Personal statement

Working in the interior design field has been inspirational for me as I am passionate about what I do. One of the most rewarding aspects of this work is meeting and collaborating closely with people on projects. It’s truly fulfilling to see the beautiful result of that collaboration.

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